$8.00 Solution to the Dreaded Bi-Xenon High Beam Problem

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$8.00 Solution to the Dreaded Bi-Xenon High Beam Problem

Post by MoparOso » Fri Feb 27, 2015 9:36 am

Neon Friends,

I wanted to share with all of you a discovery I made in my search for a way to achieve proper function of a bi-xenon HID solution on the 03-05 vehicles.

I had tried the tricks outlined here and elsewhere installing a zenner diode across both sides of power on the harness connector that interfaces the vehicle's drive side headlamp connector, and I tried flipping those power leads on the harness side, but the end result remained frustrating as always with the dim glowing high beam indicator on the dash and failure of the dip solenoids to fire when the MFS was flashed or set to high.

Last fall in my sucession of purchasing useless harnesses I bought one on eBay from a vendor named xpert-tek. In the ad it really didn't look any different from what I had tried from other vendors, but this was inexpensive, $8.00 shipped, and I had been throwing away $8-$10 here and there hoping to solve this riddle.

Last night I went to flip the power leads on the most recently installed 9004/9007 harness I obtained, and in removing one of the leads I tore the wire from the pin, so I knew I had to replace the harness. It was late, and cold, and I just wanted to be done with the job so that I had headlamp function at 5am when I left for work today.

I grabbed the harness I had purchased from xpert-tek and as I walked from the house to garage I observed that it was labeled "9007" and that there were other physical characteristics that differentiated it from other harnesses I had purchased.

I connected the harness to the battery, I connected the plug to the driver's side headlamp connector, plugged in the ballast and connected the bi-xenon bulb power leads and the dip circuit. I then set the MFS to the headlamp on position and immediately observed the absence of the glowing high beam indicator. Encouraged, I flicked the stalk back and sure enough the solenoid of the capsule fired and the capsule flipped up. I then set the MFS to the high position and again, the solenoid fired and held the up position to give me a functioning high beam.

I was so jazzed, but kinda annoyed at myself when I realized I could have solved this problem almost six months ago. Needless to say, I finished installing the harness, everything worked as it should, and this morning for the first time since I installed the initial HID kit last May, I had functioning high beams. I drive back roads, so this is awesome!

Again, this guy sells as xpert-tek, he's a USA vendor, and his product description is:

9004/9007 Bi-Xenon Hi/Lo H/L HID Kit Relay Wiring Harness Controller w/ Fuse

I would make sure when ordering if you decide to go with him to specify in the comments that you specifically need the 9007 harness. It just tickles me that for so many of us who have beat our heads against a wall trying to solve this problem that there's a simple plug-and-play solution for only $8.00

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Post by I love my neon » Fri Feb 27, 2015 10:41 pm

I have purchased 3 HID kits from xpertek one bi xenon for my 01 neon, a set for my old subie wagon and also My BMW the only ebay HID kits I would use and have never had issues with... so good to hear this about harness also
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