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Post by lolelectricbluesxt » Mon May 29, 2006 12:01 am

Im going to be honest with you, i found this website link on the other .org months ago when i was a lurker, and bookmarked it for future reference.

Specificly, this was what i was interested in ;

http://www.spoilerdepot.com/Catalog.asp ... Temp=&idB=

The SRT-4 Spoiler. You choose your car year, and the color your car is and they paint it to match. Also, if you already have the SXT spoiler, it mounts right into the old spoiler's holes, taking less then 10 minutes to install.

#### Story regarding vender dealing ####

My order was processed that same business day and i recieved confirmation in my email acount with a order number. They have some policy where if you never ordered from them before, they wait till your order is 100% processed and cleared out of your account, and into their account, which could take up to three days, before they even start working on it. I believe they failed to inform me of this, until after i placed my order. I was quite frankly, in the back of my head, worried, that this site was going to take my money, and run.

That turned out to not be the case, i emailed them within a few days of placing my order about the status of it, and the lady responded with a tracking number within like a hour of me mailing her.

And then the problem with Fedex happend. My tracker showed the package leaving Miami, and arriving in Orlando. This is when it stopped being tracked. The tracker was no longer updated after this point. For five days i checked that damn fedex site, and it was not updated. To be totally honest, i was pretty sure Fedex lost my package.

On the 5th day i emailed the support lady again, explaining the situation. She called Fedex up, and filed a package tracking report, and told me the report would come in tomorrow morning and that she would contact me ASAP with the results. The next morning, i was outside washing my car when the package arrived. Im not sure why Fedex stopped tracking it, but the package was on scheduel the whole time.

The Fedex guy stepped up out the truck with this long ass box and handed it to me, and was like. "This is a pretty light package, are you sure anything is in here?" I responded, "Dude, this is my wing." He kinda gave me a funny look, and got back into his truck.

Overall, it took about 13 days for my order to be processed, painted, and shipped Fedex ground across the US from Flordia.


The spoiler was well packaged, very good quality, and came with install instructions, and all the stuff for mounting it to the car. I ordered it pre painted electric blue, and i must say, they did a excellent job matching the paint perfectly. I swear it looks like the spoiler came from the factory already on my car.

Install took about 10 minutes with regular tools.

I would order from this vender again if i ever needed another spoiler. I give this site a flat out 100%.






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Post by ilpadrino » Mon May 29, 2006 8:51 am

I also ordered from them. It was through Ebay though (the auction was there but the checkout/paying process was through their own site).

Everything went well. The turnaround was very quick. And the Fedex delivery was fairly quick (I still hate my local Fedex though lol).

Nice pics :thumbup:

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